Exactly one week after Peter Maes' dismissal Javier Torrente signed a contract until the end of the season to become Beerschot's new head coach. "Javier who?" was the first reaction in Belgium's world of football. Javier Torrente the answer is. A 52 year old Argentinian, an adept of Marcelo Bielsa with whom he worked as his assistent at the Argentinian national team and Olympique Marseille. A guy with a clear vision. Driven and fanatical. Together with his new assistents Greg Vanderidt, Frank Magerman and his brother Diego as video analyst his main task is keeping Beerschot up and make sure Division 1A football will be played in the Olympic Stadium next season. Let's meet our new coach...

Why your choice for Beerschot?

"This is a golden opportunity for me. Becoming a head coach in Europe has always been my dream and life long ambition. So when Beerschot contacted me I was very flattered and rushed to the negotiation table where we quickly reached an agreement." 

Tough job ahead...

"I am aware of that. With just one draw and seven defeats in eight games and being six points behind the one but last team in the table this is going to be a hell of a challenge. But I thrive on challenges like that. Football is my passion and my life. I have never been more motivated and focused than I am now. I want to start as soon as possible to turn it around." 

Had you ever heard of Beerschot before and how well do you know Belgian football?

"As soon as it came clear we would reach an agreement I started looking up facts and figures about Beerschot. And I immediately found out Beerschot is a traditional club in Belgium with a nice honours' list. The way they fought their way back to the top since 2013 is an incredible achievement and I also learned about their exceptional season last year with that successful start and then sliding back. Of course I want to revive the club as soon as possible. With my vision and the kind of football in which players and supporters have to believe in. As for Belgian football in general , I know the league here is physically tough and tactical challenging. Belgium has a good name internationally thanks to their national team. The Red Devils are numer one in the FIFA ranking for a reason. It proves training methods are on a high standard over here. I am looking forward to playing my part in this new football culture by performing well with Beerschot."

What kind of football may we expect?

"Lots of effort, fast changeovers and ball recovery. With a clear tactical concept, temperament and attacking dynamics. I was and still am in awe of how Marcelo Bielsa works and trains, but I don't want to become his clone. I also want to implement my views, adapted to the players I have in my squad. At the moment the main thing is to restore confidence in the group. This has to become a positive story. We have to change course with lots of passion and battle."  

The fans are craving for success. Craving for points and nice, entertaining football on top of that...

"Our supporters have a big and important role to play in the reconstruction of the team. Being positive and get behind the team, even in difficult situations must now be their top priority. We have a young quad and we need to grow and blossom. I will work my socks off to turn this round. With the unconditional help of our supporters it will make the job easier."

Do you expect difficulties in communication with your players?

"A handfull of players speak Spanish, that will be a big help. I understand and speak a bit of French and English. And on top of that my assistent Greg Vanderidt is fluent in Spanish as you could notice during the press conference on Thursday. He will be the perfect interpreter when necessary. But you also know 'football language' is universal. Don't worry, my players will understand me and quickly adapt to what I want them to do."

Staying up is the main and only goal for this season?

"Indeed, that is the big challenge and objective. But I will try to lay the foundation of Beerschot's reconstruction at the same time. And recreate the club's positive image. With my approach of strict principles and hard work."

Good luck coach!

By Danny Geerts
Photo: Jan Mees 



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