REPORT: Beerschot - OH Leuven



Beerschot and OHL produced an entertaining game of football of high quality… and both proved that their high positions in the table are anything but a fluke. Eventually it were our ‘Mannekes’ who took the three points. Deservedly and in style, after coming back from a 1-0 behind. With that win Beerschot takes the top position

Coach Hernan Losada recalled Tom Pietermaat in a ‘new’ 4-3-3-system and Beerschot immediately set the pace with two dangerous corners from Holzhauser: an inswinging shot that tested the fists of Leuven goalkeeper Romo and a one time effort from Coulibaly. It was OHL though that scored the opening goal with a free kick from Mercier on the edge of the box. And that was tough.

Our Mannekes showed resilience and fought back instantly. It took only five minutes to turn the game upside down. First Tissoudali tricked three OHL-defenders before putting the ball in the far corner, and afterwards it was Suzuki who headed in a high cross at the far post. From 0-1 down to 2-1 in front: that was the perfect answer. With two brilliant saves in a row goalkeeper Mike Vanhamel made sure that was the half time score.

Also in the second half both teams opted for attacking quality football. It was OHL that created the first opportunity: a unstoppable screamer from Hubert… against the crossbar. But what a shot that was! And again Beerschot’s reply was astonishing. Two goals again. Quality goals on top. Ryan Sanusi with a shot from 20 yards and Rapha Holzhauser after a good run on the left flank. Four – one! Brilliant and ever so efficient.

OHL put on the pressure in the final quarter and scored a second goal.  From the penalty spot. Vanhamel saved Mercier’s shot, but moved too fast… and it was Henry who converted in the end.

A big thumbs up yet again for Hernan Losada and his boys. The type of football Beerschot are producing this season is a joy the watch; the goals breathtaking. What a season we’re having.



REFEREE: Laforge

GOALS: 16’ Mercier 0-1, 21’ Tissoudali 1-1, 25’ Suzuki 2-1, 62’ Sanusi 3-1, 64’ Holzhauser 4-1, 82’ Henry 4-2 (penalty)

BEERSCHOT: Vanhamel, Dom, Frans, Van den Bergh, Pietermaat, Sanusi, Coulibaly (75’ Van den Buijs), Vorogovskiy (82’ Bourdin), Holzhauser (88’ Prychynenko), Tissoudali, Suzuki

OHL: Romo, Tshimanga (37’ Jemelka), Hubert, Henry, Mercier, Sowah, Bese (80’ Myny), Duplus, Kotysch, Malinov, Maertens (63’ Suleiman)

YELLOW CARDS: Pietermaat, Coulibaly, Van den Bergh, Dom, Frans, Bourdin, Jemelka

RED CARDS: 90+3’ Verbist


Text: Danny Geerts

Photos: Jan Mees – Luther Rommens

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