"We will stay vigilant.'"


On Sunday the domestic season resumes with a prestigious home game against Anderlecht. Will Beerschot tumble from cloud nine or can we stretch our impressive start of the season? Those questions featured in our “What. A. Year.” documentary on our social media this week in which Hernan Losada, Mike Vanhamel, Rapha Holzhauser and Tom Pietermaat shared their views. The documentary is now abailable on the Beerschot Youtube channel.

After 12 league games Beerschot is  in 3rd place in the table, only one point behind joint leaders Club Brugge and Charleroi. “We would love it if we can confirm this good ranking”, says our coach. “But we shouldn’t forget this wasn’t and still isn’t our main aim at the start of the season. On the other hand we are extremely proud of what we realised so far, and we enjoy every minute of it. Furthermore we know unpredictability is a major issue in football and have to take this into account. So, we will have to stay focused.”

Despite his insane stats with 9 goals and 8 assists Rapha Holzhauser keeps his feet firmly on the ground. “We have to stay calm and continue our hard work. That’s what we keep telling ourselves in the dressing room”, our Austrian international insists. “Rapha is right”, Tom Pietermaat confirms. “We have to stay vigilant all the time and can’t afford any form of negligence or laziness. Mind you, that’s not going to happen. We are a very level headed group of footballers that won’t allow any arrogance or nonchalance creeping in.”

Captain Mike Vanhamel praises the atmosphere in Beerschot’s dressing room. “We will stick to our philosophy at all time: playing attacking football and winning. From my goalkeeper’s point of view I hope to concede less goals the next couple of weeks, and hope that we can find a good balance in defense. But there is no reason at all for any negativity or doubting our style of football, considering how many points we’ve won so far and our high position in the table.”

Here’s to another exhilarating and spectacular game on Sunday, at home to Anderlecht.

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