Fré Frans is still relishing the upset in Bruges and is already looking forward to the next crunch match. ‘We didn’t park the bus against Club Brugge and we’re certainly not going to against Standard.’

One day after the excellent victory at champions Club Brugge, Fré Frans enjoys a well-earned day off. ‘I don’t only enjoy the day, but also looking back at our performance. We mustn’t think that this is the norm. We may and should dwell on this time and this fantastic period. At the same time we realise that this run will end some time and that Club Brugge and other teams will be above us again.  But anyway, this feels good. A victory against the champions, getting 9 points out of 9, and staying at the top, it’s crazy.’

Beerschot did not fluke the victory against Club Brugge. After a strong first half, with a goal and a shot against the post, our boys were only put under pressure now and again in the second half in and round their box. ‘That’s logical if you’re leading the best team in Belgium. But even then we didn’t give many good chances away and continued to be a threat on the counterattack. We have respect for our opponents and it’s normal that you don’t naively play a too open game. We also had the best chances in the first half. Like always we were well-organised and proved dangerous at the right times. I never have the feeling that we just camp out as a team.’


If Rapha was the man of the match against Zulte Waregem, everyone was full of praise for Marius Noubissi against Club Brugge. ‘Marius played a blinder. But you could also say that for other players like Mike, Ryan and Yan. I’d sooner not pick anyone out because everyone played well and made an important contribution. It says a lot when others stand out too. It’s the teamwork that allows other players to join the side each week. That is and continues to be the strength of this team in which everyone runs and works for each other.’

And we are already top of the Jupiler Pro League after 3 matches. Beerschot has now won 9 of its last 10 matches. ‘I am so proud of this team. There is no luck involved. The staff and players are just putting in very strong performances. I am also really happy that we can make our supporters proud. We have put Beerschot back on the map together. It’s a real pity that we can’t enjoy all this together with them but the solidarity remains great. It’s unbelievable how much interaction there is on social media and how many messages we receive. We also feel that support and it does us good. We will need them throughout the whole year, also if things start to go less well. We may have confidence, but we must also be realistic. Our ambition is and remains to have a calm season with something spectacular now and again. Well, the something spectacular has already happened. Now we are just looking forward to the next match, like we always do.’

The next opponent is called Standard, again a candidate for playoff 1. ‘And that will be a tough game again. But we have no fear and will be going full out for a victory. If we carry on playing our own game, anything is possible.’

Jupiler Pro League

1 K. Beerschot V.A. 50 pts
2 SK Lommel 48 pts
3 K.M.S.K Deinze 46 pts
4 F.C.V. Dender E.H 45 pts
5 Patro Eisden Maasmechelen 43 pts