As from Friday 13th August and alongside all other Jupiler Pro League clubs Beerschot will be using the Covid Safe Ticketing system which will allow us to open the Olympic Stadium to its full capacity.

When attending a Beerschot home game supporters will have to go through three inspection routines. At the first perimeter point you will be asked to show your Covid Safe Ticket and your identity card. Then proceed to the scanning point.

Step 1 - CST scanning
For scanning Beerschot will be using CovidScan. At this point fans will be asked to show their CST QR code, either on their App or in a printed version

Step 2 - ID verification
The CST code must be equal to your ID to avoid fraud. The new safety protocol stipulates that the match organisers, stewards, police and security agents have the authority to check your ID.

Step 3 - Match ticket scanning
This is the customary entrance procedure where your match ticket will be scanned and you are allowed into the stadium through the turnstiles

Thanks to the Covid Safe Ticket system Beerschot is allowed to organise its home games in the ordinary way
Season ticket holders can proceed to their seat in the stands without further registration
Matchday tickets will be available online as well as in our Ticket Corner. Please read the Ticket Information beforehand on our website and social media as special safety measurements may be taken by the authorities for "high risk" matches 

Always bring your Covid Safe Certificate with you
With your Covid Safe Certificate you can enjoy the home games of Beerschot without mouthmasks and/or the "bubbles" obligation

The Covid Safe Certificate proves you fulfil to the following conditions:

Vaccination Certificate: double covid 19 vaccination, two weeks after the second vaccination

A negative PCR test: validity: day of test + 2 days
Example: when  the match is played on Sunday you need to be tested on Saturday at the earliest

A negative "fast" test by doctor or pharmacist: validity: day of test + 1 day
Example: when  the match is played on Sunday you need to be tested on Friday at the earliest

Healing Certificate: healing after a recent positive test (between 10 and 180 days after the positive test)

How to get your Covid Safe Ticket?
Either through the CovidSafeBe App on your smartphone (Apple or Android) or in printed version. Via or Or have your Covid Safe Ticket delivered to your house through the helpdesk of Vlaamse Overheid (078 78 78 50). Delivery time is one week.
A Covid Safe Ticket is compulsary for all fans over the age of 12. Under 12's can enter the stadium with their ID and match ticket only.
Parents can apply for certificates for their child(ren) through Therefore use your kidsD or eID with the right pincode.
Look at "de instructievideo" for more information.

How to download certificates for your child(ren)
Click on "controleer op nieuwe certificaten" on your CovidSafe App. Log in on the eHealth platform via Itsme. Choose your child's name and confirm.
Certificates for a second child can be downloaded by clicking on the cogwheel in your CovidSafe App, then selecting your profile, then click on "veranderen van rol". The certificates will then be transfered to your eHealth.

More information can be found on 

If you are unable to show a valid Covid Safe Ticket at the stadium entrance or if your scan shows 'red' you will be denied entrance to the stadium by our stewards. You cannot claim any compensation.

More information on the CovidSafe App: 

Jupiler Pro League

1 K. Beerschot V.A. 50 pts
2 SK Lommel 48 pts
3 K.M.S.K Deinze 46 pts
4 F.C.V. Dender E.H 45 pts
5 Patro Eisden Maasmechelen 43 pts