D'Margio Wright-Phillips joins Beerschot on loan

Winger D'Margio Wright-Phillips joins Beerschot on loan from Stoke City in England. The Englishman signed a contract until the end of the season at Beerschot on Thursday. "Happy to get a chance to prove myself," he said.

"I am very happy to be here," says the 22-year-old Englishman. "My first contact with Beerschot dates back to the summer. Even then, I really wanted to come to the club, but in the end that turned out not to be possible. I am very happy about the fact that it did work out in this transfer window. Now it's up to me to show myself in the next 11 games*."

"I think this is a perfect situation for me. I will have the opportunity to prove myself. I join a team with a clear style of play and two guys with Tom and Thibaud doing very well. That way I have to set the bar high right away and fight for my place here."

"I'm used to that kind of environment coming from the Championship," Wright-Phillips says. "There I often played against very physical and strong defenders. It came down to thinking faster than them. My qualities: speed and getting into pockets of spac, can also help me here at Beerschot."

"The arrival of D'Margio provides another boost to our team," adds technical director Gyorgy Csepregi. "We actually only had two options for those spots next to the strikers. Now we are adding a third boy with quality. That will sharpen the competition and hopefully lift all those players to a higher level."

*Beerschot still plays 12 league matches, but D'Margio Wright-Phillips, like Dean Huiberts, is not eligible to play for the catch-up match against Lommel.

Jupiler Pro League

1 K. Beerschot V.A. 50 pts
2 SK Lommel 48 pts
3 K.M.S.K Deinze 46 pts
4 F.C.V. Dender E.H 45 pts
5 Patro Eisden Maasmechelen 43 pts